My Priorities for the School Board

School Safety

  • Our schools need to be safe and inclusive with supports and programs to provide students with tactics to work together, strategies to resolve potential conflict, and resources to report concerns.

  • Our schools need to sustain learning environments that are free from distraction and  disruption so that teachers can teach and students can learn.

Equity for All Students 

  • Our schools need to provide a just and unbiased access to all resources and opportunities.

  • Our schools need to be good stewards of resources that support opportunities for all.

The image to the right, which hangs in my classroom, represents my core belief of equity for all students.

Quality Instruction 

  • Our schools need to provide flexible teaching approaches in the classroom to accommodate the individual learning needs of all students with literacy as the primary focus.

  • Our schools need to provide student access to highly qualified teachers with the recognition that the quality of our teaching and quality of our teachers is seen as one of the important, if not most important, determinants affecting student achievement.  This priority needs to be reflected within the budget.

Family & Community Engagement 

  • Our schools need to work towards partnerships that result in sharing and maximizing resources, which in turn promote families and youth to develop healthy behaviors.

  • Our schools need to work to engage families as equal partners in education, which research shows improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores parents' confidence in their children's education.